"LIFE IS... a cut-up" ~WsB~

"LIFE IS...       a cut-up" ~WsB~
collage art by Dylan Hunt

Free-style Cut&Paste/Lost DayDreams on Found Paper

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

American Wash


scrapatorium said...

Superb! Really, one of your best!

Anonymous said...

Love your style, Dylan! Want to exchange postcards and/or ATCs? Email me at punwitmail@yahoo.com


d'Chef said...

Thank You!

Welcome Punwit, I would love to trade at some point. I never limit myself to space, so each collage I make is a different size. I'm trying to put together a photo album of things to trade but just can't find the time. When I do we'll work something out.

Thanks Again for the comments

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