"LIFE IS... a cut-up" ~WsB~

"LIFE IS...       a cut-up" ~WsB~
collage art by Dylan Hunt

Free-style Cut&Paste/Lost DayDreams on Found Paper

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Driftwood Daydream Radio, caught up in Waves of Information


sarah said...

dangit, this was my favorite, and by the end of the night i couldnt find it. thanks so much for coming to the show dyaln, i love your work.

d'Chef said...

Hey Sarah!thank you... I had so much fun& what a wonderful idea... The collage is going right in the mail, You'll have it soon

sarah said...

dylan- unknowingly i lied, i found the collage in the kitchen along with a couple of others, ill keep them safe for you.
hey, theres some photos with you in them on my flickr- chchcheck it out

d'Chef said...

& I love your photos

"collage everything"