"LIFE IS... a cut-up" ~WsB~

"LIFE IS...       a cut-up" ~WsB~
collage art by Dylan Hunt

Free-style Cut&Paste/Lost DayDreams on Found Paper

Monday, August 20, 2007

How I spent my summer vacation


Neda said...

Oh man! What next? THe indecency of it all, my friend.

Love that you actually used the Irak map..

d'Chef said...

Hey Neda! I'M SO HAPPY!

I was going to email you and tell you to check it out.
If you like this one, you should also look up
"American Cowboy" & "American Wash"

thank you so much Neda

Neda said...

Hey, please send me your email. I want to talk abt you abt a project. Thanks!

"collage everything"