"LIFE IS... a cut-up" ~WsB~

"LIFE IS...       a cut-up" ~WsB~
collage art by Dylan Hunt

Free-style Cut&Paste/Lost DayDreams on Found Paper

Monday, January 14, 2008

Painted Highway


Nerkistan Etsy Street Team said...

Hi Dylan. I check out your blog from time to time. I notice that your work tends to be in different styles, probably depending on your mood. Mine does too. I'll get all gung-ho about one style, then suddenly I'll try something else and become addicted to it. I enjoy your geometric stuff as well as the vintage images. My latest binge has been with "fridge art", large magnet collages with food as a theme. Keep up the good work!

Twinnie Susan from the Nerkistan Etsy Street Team

Dylan Hunt said...

Hello Nerkistan etsy street team!
Thanks for checking out the art. I get in and out of different grooves, trying to find something new.

My new thing is found material off the street, and three dimensional collage.

Thanks again

"collage everything"